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This site pays tribute to the history of the RAMC Staff Band, whose records date back to the late 19th Century. Although the band was made redundant during the defence cuts of 1984, it managed to survive in part by the formation of The Army Medical Services TA Band.

This site is maintained by Keith Leonard, ex RAMC Staff Band, 1967-84. You can email Keith should you wish to find out more about any of the content of this site, or for related queries. .

AMS TA Band CD available including RAMC,RADC,QARANC Corps Marches etc.ring 44 1276 412720 for info.

RAMC Staff Band history

The earliest record of music in the Corps is in the 1880s when Cpl. Lunney of the Medical Staff Corps was sent to Kneller Hall to be trained as a bugler. In 1892, Major Haynes, himself a cello player, started an orchestra at the Royal Victoria Hospital, Netley, and, when the Depot moved to Aldershot, came under the conductorship of Mr. Wylie of the Aldershot Theatre Royal...

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A grand farewell

Midst the inevitably sorrowful build-up towards the disbandment of our Staff Band there have been many acts of spontaneous generosity; none less than that of the Commandant and Director of Music of the Royal Military School of Music, Kneller Hall who decided to pay their own farewell to the Band by inviting them to participate, very fully, in their "Grand" Concert during the last week of July 1983...

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